In Animal Jam, a den is a place for the animals to stay and rest. The more comfortable you make the den; the more are the animals happy. To organize the den, you have to decorate and arrange it with various furniture and comfort materials. These products are often found in the various shops in the land of Jamaa. Den items can be segregated into two types; den member articles and non-member den items. You require den items for the beautification of your den and in turn for scoring points.

It is a non-member den item and has had a recent release of the game. You can buy this masterpiece by using animal jam codes and by submitting a drawing in the art studio in the painting activity section. This item has a custom made art canvas and comes with eight different frames like a stone frame, silver frame, Zion frame and much more. Though a non-member item, they can be formed by members only. If your masterpiece is not accepted, that the diamond spent on it will be immediately refunded. You have to get your masterpiece reviewed by the American jam headquarters. It is only after their approval can you put it up for trade.

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Plaques too, like masterpieces, are non-member items. They are given as gifts from the headquarters as rewards to jammers for the achievement of certain activities. There are seventeen variants of plaques. The nine original plaques have similar construction with a golden motif and a wooden board. The new plaques are dark bluish grey in color and have a silver motif on them. Unlike the signature designs, diamond plaques are light blue in color, and there are sporadic shimmers around the plaque. Plaques are not created for specifically for members as yet. When a member wins a plaque, it is sent to the player a gift. If a non-member wins a plaque, it would be intimated by an on-screen pop-up.

It is a non-member item and was previously sold at the furniture store in the Jamaa mainland.  As the name suggest, it is a bowl of fruits and the developers has had only one created version of it. It was initially wholesaled for 75 gems at the time of its launch. Its enormous demand amongst the jammers led to increasing in its price, once in 2011 and again in 2012. When you tap on any of the fruit on the bowl, it appears to have been eaten by disappearing. The entire bowl on getting cleared refills itself. The inclusion of the fruit bowl is to make the game appear more lifelike and practical. It has increased the graphical content of the game.

Upgrading den items will help in increasing the overall value of your avatar. How far off you are in the game can be judged by the superior collections that you have set up in your den. It can be used as a measure to increase your popularity and demand amongst your fellow players. They would be more willing to establish trade with you knowing that you will have the means to finance them.