There are some effective and useful ways to play the mobile version of this popular basketball game effectively and complete more levels. When you start paying the game you will find that the game levels become tougher and harder with every stage. You would at that point feel that it would have been better accomplished if you knew some tricks and tips to proceed. Of course, like any other virtual game you can use the nba live mobile cheats to get all the necessary tips and tricks to play the game and to get an unlimited supply of coins and currency as well. If played with proper knowledge then this game can provide you the ultimate fun as you proceed and complete each level.

You have to replenish your energy throughout. When you play NBA Live Mobile game you will see that on the hearts counter it is mentioned the amount of energy you require to spend on the specific level. While this is compulsory for all levels, it is also compulsory that you replenish your lost energy before you proceed to the next level to start afresh. This can be done simply by waiting for some time to get your energy replenished or if you are too eager to proceed to the next level you can regulate the time lapse feature. This will quickly refill your energy and you can go to the next level and start playing.


If you want to get to the three star levels you have to understand the mechanics and physics involved in the game. Everything from throwing your basketball to scoring a basket requires active and proper control of all the game playing mechanics. Therefore, before even you hit a button you must take a long and watchful look at each level so as to understand what is required to do in that level and find out the most innovative and best way to achieve it. The importance of such three star levels is that it helps a lot in unlocking the further areas of the NBA Live Mobile game.

This power of unlocking the further areas of NBA Live game is available only for every 25 levels. To do this effectively you will need to have a certain number of stars from all the previous levels you have completed till then. But what if you do not have such stars? There is nothing to worry as the game allows you to replay the previous levels of the game. This way you stand even a better chance to win complete the levels as you are well aware of the errors you had committed before and pay attention not to repeat those mistakes again.

Using quick trick shots more often also helps a lot in playing NBA Live Mobile as you can score more points when you complete any level as fast as you could. You can do this by taking less time to aim your shot, throwing the ball quickly as well as shooting it in such a way that it bounces back to you right away.